As members of God's HBC (heal, bless, connect) campaign team, we can never get enough of the Bible, which is basically the story of the HBC campaign from ancient times to today and into the future.

The Bible readings for Mercy Season tell us how mercy and forgiveness fit into the whole HBC campaign that Jesus is leading. Mercy can bring healing to others. When we forgive, that act allows us to heal from the wounds others inflicted on us. Jesus on the cross is the picture of mercy, the key to a campaign that succeeds without resorting to violent retaliation.

Listen for the "Mercy rhythm" in the readings listed below--the sound of how mercy and forgiveness are supposed to work and how they do work for those who are healed, blessed, and connected. 


To read the whole Bible in a year, follow the daily guide for each season.

Whenever the guide says "intro," as on January 2nd, it means "intro to the biblical book you are about to start reading." We recommend the book intros in The Message version of the Bible by Eugene Peterson because they give the clearest and most potent descriptions of the significance of each book for today. These are not available free on-line as far as we know, but are worth the price of the book (Kindle available). Or go on-line for a video introduction such as or a written one such as this very short one (Blue Letter Bible) or this more traditional one (NIV Study Bible)

Weekly discussion groups use the items highlighted in yellow.

Holiday parties use the chapters highlighted for red letter days.

For one verse per day in a weekly cycle, use

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