Just Do It Groups

Would you like to have more influence for a better world than you are having now? Just Do It Groups can make that happen for you if the following starting points sound right to you:


1. The world is painfully messed up in all kinds of ways, you don't feel you can do much about it, and you wish you could do a little more

2. Many people are clueless that God is on a campaign for a better world and he has a particular strategy which is supposed to include them. They don't see themselves as members of his campaign team and they keep missing their personal daily or weekly assignments

3. The more people get clued in and do their campaign assignments (even tiny ones), the better the world gets. God's strategy works the way he drew it up.

Just Do It Groups help us get clued in. They can also be called "Listen and Cheer Groups" because that's what we do in these weekly 30-60 minute meetings with two or three friends. We listen to God-given Scripture and God's Spirit for guidance about his campaign and our next assignments. We cheer each other on as we discern or sense our assignments and carry them out.

After we have done that for a few weeks in our group, we listen to God to see whether it is his time for us to start other groups so more people can get clued in too.


Has God really got an assignment with my name on it for this week?

How do Just Do It Groups make the world any better?

What pattern does a regular Just Do It Group meeting follow each week?

What Bible passages do we use?


What do I need to know to start a 5-10 week group?

Can I turn an existing group into a Just Do It Group?

How do Just Do It Groups go viral?

Has God really got an assignment with my name on it for this week?

Ask him. He will hear your question, and he can get back to you through his direct line to the deepest level of your inner self. His method of letting you know your assignment will vary according to how you are wired, which he totally understands.


Just Do It Groups don't tell you your assignment. They create a good listening atmosphere so you can "hear" from God in whatever way he is letting you know things. Our problem isn't that our daily or weekly assignments are too complicated for ordinary people like us to decipher. Our problem is that we aren't expecting God to have anything personal to say to us so we aren't listening for it.

We relegate God to timeless commands. "Love your neighbor" was just as much a command thousands of years ago as it is now. But "Go say hello to your neighbor over the back fence while he's mowing his yard," is personal and immediate. God puts thoughts like that into people.

But is that how God wants us to operate--depending on those thoughts? We don't wait to say hello until we get a specific nudge from God to do that, but we don't rule out that God may sometimes nudge us, letting us know exactly what he wants us to do at this moment or very soon.


God has a master plan, and he did not leave any place for the devil to hide in the details. God knows our names, our trajectories in life, our situation this week, and he saw it all coming. "He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago." (Ephesians 2.10)


How do Just Do It Groups make the world any better?

God's campaign is out to change the world, to connect, heal, and bless it, to get it out of the mess it is in. That mess is still there for two reasons: 

  1. Not enough people listening to God about what he wants them to do next

  2. Not enough people cheering for other people who are doing that kind of listening

In a Just Do It group we listen and cheer. That makes us better participants in God's campaign. As we listen, God prompts us to take small "Just Do It" actions in our everyday worlds. We prevent pain and we help people deal with the pain they already have. We connect people. We bring blessing.


And that is very gratifying and energizing. As one participant recently put it, “This is the best hour of my week.” It's great when we feel connected to God's ancient and current campaign to save the world from itself!

Of course, by themselves our small actions are not enough to make the world much better, but two other things are going on that multiply our positive impact far beyond our own potential.

  1. God prearranges situations. At just the right time he directs us to do a particular small thing that fits perfectly with what he has set up. Though we may not realize it at the time, our small action tips the balance so that a huge change takes place.

  2. God commands us to multiply. He doesn't just want us to listen better ourselves. He intends for us to get more people listening to him like we are. That's why a Just Do It Group never goes for more than a couple of months without asking if this is God's time for it to divide and multiply. 

What do I need to know to start a group?


You and 1-3 friends or family you want cheering for you and you want to cheer for. Age 10 and up



A ‘Just Do It’ group, listening to God together about what to do next and cheering each other on as we do it. 30-60 minutes each week.


Anywhere – in person, by Zoom, over the phone. Relocate if you hit problems


Any time you choose

Your first group lasts long enough for you and each person to lead one week. Then you lead the "Final week"

Later groups may last 5-10 weeks. See 2022 schedule here or make your own schedule


To CONNECT with God and his instructions for us as part of his campaign

To bring God’s HEALING of the pains and wrongs in the world around us 

To BLESS one another and others as God directs our ‘Just Do It’ activities


Simple group instructions here. Same every week. Anyone can moderate/lead

  • Catch up with each other through casual conversation and guided discussion

  • Connect with God by reading His Word together (no preparation needed)

  • Pray together and individually listen for God’s direction

  • Share God’s ideas and give encouragement for the coming week

  • Note: If you miss a session, you don’t fall behind. Each session starts from zero

Bible passage for each week here

Between meetings do your “Just Do It” and pray for others as they do theirs

More about God’s “campaign” here


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Can I use this Just Do It method in an existing "Bible study group," fellowship group, or other Christian small group?

Not recommended for groups larger than four, and even with three or four it is risky. Adding the Just Do It instruction sheet to an existing Bible study group has about the same chance of success as teaching a crocodile to dance. The croc just is not used to it, is not built for it, and may bite your head off when the music starts. The apparent challenge is to teach the croc to dance, but the real challenge is to change the nature of the croc. A dancing lesson won't do that.

The nature of most existing small groups is that they expect to go on for a year or many years, and they think of longevity as a sign of success--deeper friendships with the same people. Just Do It Groups are designed to last only a few weeks or months. Then participants consider whether to start new groups in order to get more people listening and cheering. (See "Final week" instructions)


That feels like disruption to previously existing groups that have always thought of long-term relationships as a good goal. They don't want to keep getting prodded to divide and multiply. It is not in their nature. It's not in the nature of other groups they know either. What they would lose from dividing is more obvious to them than what God's campaign would gain.