Just Do It Groups

Got an hour a week to invest in a viral plan to save the world from itself? If so, consider starting your own “Just Do It Group” with 2 or 3 friends. You don't have to register for anything, buy anything, report to anyone, or donate anywhere. You just do it.

You are not joining SYNCx.org (our official name) or any other organization. You are launching your group as one way of participating in the global movement God masterminded to connect, heal, and bless the world. Jesus is the spearhead of that movement, and his strategy is to put part of himself into people like you. Those people keep listening to him for their next assignment in his movement. They also cheer on other people who are doing the same thing.

Listen and cheer--that's what the world needs a lot more of. That's what you do in a Just Do It Group, on-line or face to face. 


Why would I want to set up a trial session of a Just Do It Group?

What pattern does a regular Just Do It Group meeting follow each week?

What Bible passages do we use?


What do I need to know to start a 5-10 week group?

Can I turn an existing group into a Just Do It Group?

How do Just Do It Groups go viral?

What do I need to know to start a group?


You and 1-3 friends or family you want cheering for you and you want to cheer for. Age 10 and up



A ‘Just Do It’ group, listening to God together about what to do next and cheering each other on as we do it. 40-60 minutes each week


Anywhere – in person, by Zoom, over the phone. Relocate if you hit problems


Any time you choose

For 5-10 weeks (see 2022 schedule here)

If you miss a session, you don’t fall behind. Each session starts from zero



To CONNECT with God and his instructions for us as part of his campaign

To bring God’s HEALING of the pains and wrongs in the world around us 

To BLESS one another and others as God directs our ‘Just Do It’ activities


Simple group instructions here. Same every week. Anyone can moderate/lead

  • Catch up through casual conversation and guided discussion

  • Connect with God by reading His Word together (no preparation needed)

  • Pray together and individually listen for God’s direction

  • Share God’s ideas and give encouragement for the coming week

Bible passage for each week here

Between meetings do your “Just Do It” and pray for others as they do theirs

More about God’s “campaign” here


(shortened for printing with graphics) 

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Can I use this Just Do It method in an existing "Bible study group," fellowship group, or other Christian small group?

Not recommended for groups larger than four, and even with three or four it is risky. Adding the Just Do It instruction sheet to an existing Bible study group has about the same chance of success as teaching a crocodile to dance. The croc just is not used to it, is not built for it, and may bite your head off when the music starts. The apparent challenge is to teach the croc to dance, but the real challenge is to change the nature of the croc. A dancing lesson won't do that.