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From Black Friday to "Golden Sunday"

Did you get the memo? Three new treasure maps are being published today. Forget whatever bargains you nailed on Black Friday and check out these three routes to strike gold on this “Golden Sunday,” November 26th.


You may never have heard of Golden Sunday. It was created in 1925 by Pope Pius XI when he introduced the Feast of Christ the King so the liturgical year would end with a bang, not a whimper. Perhaps because Black Friday was not a thing at that time, Pope Pius didn’t call it Golden Sunday. He could have, though.


As the final Sunday of the traditional liturgical year, November 26th is the perfect “Golden Sunday” to celebrate the return of Jesus the Messiah to launch the Golden Age. World peace! Rescue of all victims! Healing of all wounds! No more Gazas or Ukraines! No dysfunctional families! No anxiety or depression! Only Jesus the King taking charge and making everything work like it was always supposed to but never did.


I think Pope Pius struck gold when he introduced the Feast of Christ the King. In fact, the thought of Jesus as Coming King is such a rich seam of gold that we should go one better than Pius:

· Let’s celebrate the prospect of Christ’s return for all the rest of 2023, not just for a blip of one Golden Sunday. Let’s call it “Vision Season”

· Let’s think of the Second Advent, not just the first, while we are celebrating the four Sundays of “Advent” on December 3, 10, 17, and 24

· Let’s think of the King to come while we celebrate the baby of Bethlehem on Christmas

· Let’s celebrate New Year’s Eve looking forward to a new Golden Age, not just a New Year


As the first day of this whole crescendo of Vision Season, Golden Sunday should be a blowout celebration, eclipsing all the blowout bargains of Black Friday. But it passes mostly unnoticed, like a gold seam in the ground that people walk over all the time unaware.


Have you been missing out on Golden Sunday and Vision Season? Then check out the three treasure maps I am publishing today.

The home page at, will help you choose “Start A”, “Start B”, or “Start C” as the best map for you. The three maps start at three different places and travel three different paths, but they all lead you to strike gold through Jesus.


BTW, don’t expect bells and whistles on the web site. Treasure maps don’t have to be fancy. They just have to be authentic and decipherable.


See how well your preferred “Start” works for you. Let me know if you can’t figure out the map and find the gold. Happy Golden Sunday! Happy “Vision Season”! Happy New Life!

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