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Daily Bible readings -- Worth Season

To SYNC with a rhythm, we have to listen for it and get the feel of it. Daily Bible readings are one way to do that. Listen for the "Worth Rhythm" in the readings listed below, and let it move you in some really good ways.

The theme of worth, especially finishing worthily, runs through the whole Bible, but it is most prominent in the books included in the reading list for this season.

For once-a-week readings, use the items highlighted in yellow.

For one verse per day in a weekly cycle, use the Jubilee Cards (see under Activities tab).

At first glance, Worth Season makes no sense. Why would a campaign to connect, heal, and bless the world have the opposite effect on us as campaign workers, getting us excluded, wounded, and victimized by the world. Don't we deserve better?


We are the most worthy people in the world because God assigns and empowers us to do so much for everyone's good, yet the world often treats us as worthless. It treated Jesus the same, mocking him for his claim that he was the Messiah, the spearhead of God's campaign for a better world.


Jesus carrying his cross is our model for worthily enduring the opposition we run into as we do our assignments in his campaign. He gave us plenty of warnings about opposition so we would not be caught off guard, and he assured us that he values our loyal endurance more than our achievements. When we show our faithfulness, we show our worth.

Here is a preview of some of the perspectives on human worth in the biblical books we will read during Worth Season: 

Old Testament

  • Numbers: The sufferings of the Israelites in the wilderness en route to their promised homeland

  • Deuteronomy: Moses sums up a lifetime of messages from God, urging Israel not to bring suffering on themselves by disobeying God.

  • Lamentations: Jeremiah's lament when Babylon conquers Israel, destroys Jerusalem, and exiles the nation

New Testament

  • Philippians: While in prison for preaching about Jesus, Paul writes a letter about humility and joy 

  • 1 & 2 Timothy: Paul, the veteran, coaches Timothy, the next-generation leader, about some of the challenges of church leadership

  • Hebrews: Exhortations to stay faithful, come what may, to the magnificent King who is also our High Priest and our sacrifice

  • 1 & 2 Peter: Peter encourages the whole Church to endure its trials with confidence in God's presence now and Jesus's return soon.

Looking back over all this, we gradually realize where and how we fit into the biblical story, and a fantastic thought dawns on us--God affirms our worth no matter how much the world denies it! 

His campaign strategy is to transform us by affirming our worth to him. We stop being worried about other people's opinions of us. We barely react to them because their opinions matter so little any more. Our quiet confidence gets their attention, and sometimes it opens the door for us to tell some of the story behind our confidence.

A great deal of the world's pain is caused by people who don't know what they are worth. Jesus is leading a campaign to clarify their worth for them. As they realize their worth, he calls them to live worthily of the value he has placed on them. 

Read the Bible as the story of that campaign. Get a feel for what you are worth in God's eyes, enjoy watching the opinions of your critics fade into insignificance, and say a prayer for those who haven't discovered their worth yet.

Reading list

*  Introductions to books

If you would like to leave this site to enhance your study of the Bible, there are some excellent supplements to check out. Regarding introductions to books of the Bible, our top picks are the following animated cartoon drawings with narration:

Another excellent option for book introductions

The Message version of the Bible by Eugene Peterson gives the clearest and most potent descriptions of the significance of each book for today. These are not available free on-line as far as we know, but are worth the price of the book (Kindle available).

Videos -- short videos of professors giving introductions for ordinary readers


Blue Letter Bible--very short; also available as an app

NIV Study Bible--more traditional "introductions" for classroom students 

This is not a test

Whichever option you choose, be careful not to read or watch the introduction as if you are studying for a test. What you are doing is trying to get the big picture of the book, especially what it has to do with God's campaign to connect, heal, and bless the world. As you read day by day, you will be listening for God to give you your assignments in that campaign.

Readings too long?

Click here for an alternative "minute-a-day" exercise, a different way to get some mercy verses and ideas working in your life. It is a different page within our site.

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