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Jubilee Cards
Seasonal variations for 2023

In about one relaxing minute the Jubilee stretching exercise helps us get the truth about ourselves and our role in God's campaign onto our minds. We see ourselves as life-bringers, fruitful branches, etc. depending which SYNC season we are in, but we do not see those roles as things we have to try harder to do. 

Forcing ourselves to play those roles is as impossible as forcing ourselves to go to sleep. The harder we try to sleep, the more awake we stay. We have to relax. It is the same with “seeing ourselves in Christ.” We just relax and welcome the identity that God is giving us. And that’s what the cards help us do.

Simplest workout technique: pick up one Jubilee Card from the stack. As you start to glance down, say to the card, "Make my day." Then read it. 

Stay alert but relaxed during the day: always be watching for opportunities to connect, heal, or bless people, and keep asking God for more. The more blessing you get to deliver, the better you feel at the end of the day. "It is more blessed to give than to receive." (Acts 20.35) 

Remember, however, this is not a project you design or a contest in which you compete. This is God's campaign. Don't work hectically and don't get stressed out. You are not alone, not for a minute.


Decompress in the evening: Thank God for who you get to be in Christ and for any chances you had today to be a life-bringer (or whichever word was on today’s card). If you have some mistakes to confess, you can pray, “I’m sorry, Lord. I only made that mistake because I forgot who I was. Thank you for who I am by your grace, and let me live tomorrow more like the real me.” 

Don’t make the Jubilee Cards a burden, and don’t worry if you miss a day or two. You are not trying to score any points or prove anything with your exercising. You are trying to develop a new way of seeing yourself in Christ. Your aim is slow permanent change.

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