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The Big Lie about the Future

If we get the big idea of Vision Season, it protects us from the Big Lie--
he future will be whatever we make it."

This lie about us creating the future generates all kinds of struggles at the personal level. We each have to build and defend our own kingdoms to promote our vision of our personal futures.


The lie also leads to political and military conflicts within and between nations. Wars are catastrophic attempts to make a particular vision of the future come true. At both the personal and national levels, it looks like all of life depends on force: offensive or defensive. 

In contrast, according to the big idea of Vision Season, we humans cannot bring the future about! The King will do that personally. It's not our assignment as members of his campaign team. We aren't even going to be in his army when he does it. That means we do not have to force anything, and we can relax about everything. King Jesus has got this. 

Our job is not to engineer or force the future but to live it now. We let the power of Jesus work on us, turning us into positive, generous people, the kind of friends everyone dreams of.

Instead of falling for the Big Lie, "The future will be whatever we make it," we live by the big idea of Vision Season, "The future will be visible now in whatever Jesus makes us, whatever he turns us into as samples of what is coming."

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