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Seeing ourselves as

Walking evidence of power

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We are walking evidence that God's power works by the Holy Spirit, turning us into more than we can be.


The power icon represents the fire of the Holy Spirit, the source of our power in Christ.

Why do we get to be walking evidence of God’s power for good?


God does not want the world to have to wait to see his power until Jesus comes back to earth in person. He wants the whole world to be glad right now that Jesus brought heaven’s power to earth, and that it is still here. That is where we come in. We are walking evidence of his power for good. We see what God is doing and why.

God is continuing the work Jesus did on earth. Jesus did many miracles. When he left, he took all that power to heaven with him, but not for long. Ten days later, in the event we celebrate as Pentecost, he sent his power back down into his followers. He sent his Holy Spirit to live in them.

The Spirit changed them inside. They became new people, more and more like Jesus every day. They were able to do things that were not humanly possible so that people would know the power of Jesus himself was still working on earth. On the day this started, they all spoke languages they had never learned! They were praising God in these languages, pointing to Jesus as the one who had released the power for this.

The Holy Spirit is still pointing to Jesus by doing things in us and through us that we could never do on our own. The Spirit reaches the parts of us that we can’t reach, and he changes the parts of us we can’t change. And the Spirit still works miracles sometimes, not every time we snap our fingers, but every time God decides to do something special. Watch for his power at work, boldly or subtly.


What will we do today as walking evidence of God’s power?

  • When people see us, we want them to think, “There must be a God.” How might God change us inside so they would think that? 

  • What do we wish we could change about ourselves that we just can’t change on our own? Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to change that today.


Relevant Scripture

  • Key verse for us as God’s “walking evidence”: Acts 1.8, power to show that Jesus is alive

  • The story of Jesus sending the Holy Spirit into his followers: Acts 2.1-21, especially v. 1-4

  • How we see Christ:  the holder of all power and authority: Matthew 28.18-20

  • Jubilee Cards 22-28  (see under "Resources"


The story of the world, told in a way that shows why we see ourselves as walking evidence of God’s power for good

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