How we see ourselves


If you See Yourself iN Christ (SYNC), what will you see? A new you with a new set of purposes. To be "in Christ" means to be linked to him, his movement, and his strategy to bring good into the world.  

SYNC teaches that the world as we know it has been shaped by several game-changing events. Each game-changer makes a particular gift available to us. Once we get that idea and embrace the gifts, we see ourselves as participants in this story that unifies the world. And it's a great story!   

Why you will like where this is going
If you See Yourself iN Christ, you will like yourself. In SYNC with him, you are good for yourself and for everybody else. Jesus has everyone's good in mind, and when you are in him, so do you. All the parts of you that you don't like are the parts that are out of SYNC with him.
Seven things you will see in the mirror

  • A life-bringer who enjoys and respects all creation

  • A fruitful branch on an ancient tree

  • A recruiter for a new era of freedom

  • A walking piece of evidence of God's power for good

  • An agent of forgiveness

  • A finisher inspired by Jesus carrying his cross

  • A movie trailer for the coming world of peace

These are not mere ideals you aspire to. These are what Christ turns you into when you "get it." Here's how it works.

There are  seven game-changers  in the SYNC version of the story of the world, each bringing a different gift and a different way of seeing yourself. Each game-changer starts a cascade that goes down five levels until at the end we are authentic people, genuine products of the flow of the grace of God. Let's look at the first game-changer, the creation of the world, as a sample.


Top level of the diagram:  

the first game-changer is the start of the story--the creation of the world. That makes life available to us as human beings. 

Second level:

The ancient game-changer comes down to us today as a gift -- the blessing of life itself. We wouldn't be here now if creation hadn't happened way back then.

Third level:

When we get that idea, that life is a gift from a personal God and not just a chance happening through the laws of physics and chemistry, we become grateful. It's a natural response to a fantastic gift. 

Fourth level:

Our gratitude motivates us to "go with it," that is, to SYNC our lives with God's intentions when he did the game-changer. We start seeing ourselves as life-bringers for the good of everybody. We promote life, we liven things up, we live life that is real life, and we bring life to those in our world.

Bottom level:

We are authentic people. We are not promoting life and being life-givers in order to score points with God or to impress anyone. We are not pretending or bragging. We are not taking any credit for our goodness because we know it didn't come from us. It came from the flow of the grace of God, just the way he intended when he did the game-changer in the first place. In other words, his strategy is working. His intentions are coming true. And we get to be in on that! That is genuine humanity and genuine goodness, by the grace of God.

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