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Seeing ourselves as

Freedom activists


We are freedom activists, calling people into a new era of freedom


The freedom icon represents the tomb from which Jesus was raised when God the Father freed him from death. 

Why do we get to be “freedom activists”?


God wants everyone on earth to be free of everything that is ruining their lives, but he does not just break all their chains magically. He sends out “activists,” official messengers to take the freedom message to the whole world. Jesus sent us to carry on what he started.

Jesus was an activist, proclaiming a new era of freedom and calling people to follow him into it. His enemies in the establishment executed him to show the world that Jesus’s proclamation was bogus, but God brought him back to life to show the world it was authentic. That’s why the resurrection of Jesus is so important. It validates him and his proclamation.

Jesus did not put his proclamation in writing. Instead he put the message into people, all of us who welcomed the proclamation when we heard it. We get to show the world what it feels like and looks like to live free. Nobody has to be tied in knots by their desires, their habits, their traumas, or their fears any more. They can be free if they live “in Jesus,” that is, if they welcome him as their King.

That’s who we are—“freedom activists,” authorized, highly motivated representatives who declare that Jesus is alive. We are ready to do anything it takes to draw others to join us in his Freedom Era. 

Scripture that empowers us to do this

  • Key verse for freedom activists:  Luke 4.18-19, Jesus’s proclamation of the dawn of an era of freedom

  • The resurrection story: Matthew 28.1-20

  • How we see Christ:  the King who issues a proclamation:  Luke 4.43, why Jesus was sent to earth

  • See under "Activities" -- "Jubilee Cards - Life"

Ready to explore Jesus-freedom? Tool kit for freedom activists

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